"Purchased Small/Large BigFoot Gear Bag"

"This summer our Bicycling group decided to make the RagBrai trek across Iowa. One of the nights it rained for 3 hours dumping 3.5"s of rain on us. Not wanting to get out of our tents we expected to see our BigFoot bags and all of our gear soaked. The next morning we we amazed to find all of our gear dry as a bone. Everyone was so surprised, no, amazed! The day was saved and we were the heros for bringing our bags. Next year I bet everyone shows up with a BIGFOOT Bag!! Thanks for such a great product! " 

Charlie Weinbeck, Ron Van Dyken,"Dutch" ,  Fort Collins, Loveland CO

"Purchased Small BigFoot Gear Bag"

"I thought I'd drop a note to say how much I liked the bag I purchased. I just returned from a deployment and tried it out, worked great. Lots of compliments for ease of packing. I just threw in all my stuff and was ready to go. I think I only had it about ¾ full and was easy to carry over the shoulder and easy to fold up for storage. " 

J. Ford,  MSGT

"Purchased Medium BigFoot Gear Bag"

"We loaded our BigFoot Bag on top of our car with a lot of camping supplies." We also tested it to see if it was water-proof. We drove through a down pour for almost 30 mins., even some hard hail and everything inside was dry." 

B. Kohrmann,  Gypsum, CO

"Purchased Medium BigFoot Gear Bag"

"Last summer our Great Divide Bicycling group decided to make the switch to the Big Foot Gear Bag as a means to stow our gear. Putting the BigFoot Bag on the roof of our car the whole trip it rained & rained. When we arrived late that night to our hotel I was pleasantly surprised, no, amazed! There were only a few shirts slightly damp. I draped the items over a chair that night. They were all dry by morning.The big foot bag is a great product! We loved using your bags!! " 

Mike Haddorff,  Fort Collins, CO

"Purchased Small & Medium BigFoot Camo Bag"

"I bought 2 BigFoot Bags last spring. On the first day of dove season I had my first chance to use them. I took all of my equipment to my deer lease in my bags. The medium had my clothes and the small one my consumables. The first night at the lease we had a freak rainstorm. Not one thing of mine got wet, including the food that I had. No moisture at all got into the bags. I am now convinced that it was the best purchase I’ve ever made for camping. P.S. My buddies’ stuff got ruined. The next weekend they all had BigFoot Bags " 

C Miller,  Euless, TX

"Purchased Medium BigFoot Camo Bag"

"We put the BigFoot bag to a great use this weekend. We packed in Elk hunting about 2 miles and used one of those 2 wheeled carts. The BigFoot bag was perfect to put all the loose gear in, zip it up, put it on top of the other gear loaded on the cart, and then use the straps down under the cart to lock it all down. Worked like a champ. " 

D. Lange,   Littleton, CO

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